While I build many of my client’s sites in Wordpress or Drupal, I am afforded the flexibility to build this site in a more bespoke manner. I like the idea of a static site, so I opted to use Jekyll, which takes a simple directory of files formatted with Markdown and Liquid templates and builds a site ready for uploading to a server.

I use Panic’s wonderful Coda as my main development tool, supplementing it with CodeKit for SASS CSS pre-processing and image optimization.

Other tools include:

  • Duo (a browser for previewing side-by-side responsive design)
  • xScope (for visual inspection to get the details just right)
  • Dash (offline documentation browser)
  • Tower (managing Git repositories)
  • VirtualHostX (setting up virtual hosts for local development)
  • Byword (writing articles in Markdown)
  • Marked 2 (previewing articles)
  • Photoshop (image editing)
  • Illustrator (vector graphic editing)
  • Typekit (hosted web fonts)

Type is set in Proxima Nova from Mark Simonson Studio.